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all bundled up


all bundled up

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SAI, Photoshop, acrylic (gold/texture)
And 1% Painter because I couldn’t get it to work haha (and my colour desaturates every time I open a file, must google problem.)


SAI, Photoshop, acrylic (gold/texture)

And 1% Painter because I couldn’t get it to work haha (and my colour desaturates every time I open a file, must google problem.)


TVアニメ「ジョジョの奇妙な冒険-スターダストクルセイダース」 オープニングアニメーションを神風動画で制作させていただきました。4/11放送の第二話よりOP流れます。宜しくお願いいたします。





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First look to “Lupin III : Jigen Daisuke no Bohyo” animated feature film (51 min) directed by Takeshi Koike (Redline).
With Katsuhito Ishii as creative adviser, and James Shimoji on music.

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I hope you practiced your posing

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TL note: part two of my series of translations of Araki’s musings on character creation. Part one (Jonathan Joestar) can be found here. I was blown away by the interest in the first part so I’ll keep on going! I also love reading everyone’s comments/tags. 


Will Anthonio Zeppeli
Mr. Zeppeli’s Mustache Was A Considerable Gamble

Birthday: Around 1838
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Horoscope Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: Italian

Mr. Zeppeli’s* name comes from the rock band Led Zeppelin. To me, they’re the cream of the crop of musicians, so I felt I had to use them when I was naming him. It really is a shame, it’s kind of like cutting a joker right off the bat. So, I had to have that much resolve when I debuted Mr. Zeppeli as a character. Furthermore, the sound is important, of course JoJo, like Jonathan and Joestar, has a lot of J sounds. so I wanted to balance it out with the Z in Mr. Zeppeli even in English lettering. I similarly made sure the sounds weren’t too similar for Speedwagon. 

Mr. Zeppeli: Jonathan’s master who teaches him the Ripple and guides him to destroying the Stone Mask. The way I see it, I dig teachers who at first blush seems like the ‘are you sure it’s going to be okay, he seems like he’s just messing around’ kind. Like how in Jackie Chan movies, where it’s like ‘this inebriate’s been drinking, but how is he so strong?’ Same for the teacher in The Karate Kid. With characters like this, it’s what’s on the inside that commands respect. And it’s through this gap you feel his appeal rather than through the superficial or just by appearances. I wanted him to have the image of looking weak but being actually strong, his outward appearance has the aura of a magician and a swindler’s mustache. This mustache is that of the artist Salvador Dali or Osomatsu-kun's Iyami, that type of lineage. 

However, especially for a Shōnen magazine, a mustache was a component that required a lot of courage. First of all, it makes him seem older, and shady. I think it would be like this with any type of mustache. But in Mr. Zeppeli’s case, even though he’s a master, he isn’t an old man with a considerable age difference from Jonathan. Plus, he’s the lead supporting role. Perhaps it would make the readers turn away from him. So that’s why it took courage. He is a character that I have not really put out in any of my other works. but I made a decision to put out the “are you sure it’s going to be okay” type i mentioned before. Thinking back, it was a “gamble” or an “adventure” on my part. At the time, I thought, well, it’s JoJo so it should be fine. It’s called Bizarre Adventure after all. And finally for the record, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Jojo no kimyou na bouken) came out into the world before Bizarre Stories in this World (Yo ni mo kimyou na monogatari). I wanted to emphasize that. 

*Araki only uses honorifics on Zeppeli in his signature on the original manuscript.

The Untold Story Behind JoJonium 02’s New Illustration

Q: That orb on his cane can’t possibly be…?
A: A steel ball from Steel Ball Run
You can’t have Zeppeli without a top hat. And when the diamond pattern is curved, it looks 3D and is in a nice form. 

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Black and White Illustrations by Sveta Dorosheva


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Set in a 1920’s New York where Prohibition outlaws the brewing of spells, the story follows Vincent Byrde, a hard-boiled PI who struggles with a magic curse. After a long career hunting magic bootleggers, Vincent has become obsessed with the frustrating case of Jimmy Wonder: a young, up-and-coming spellrunner who keeps slipping out of the hands of the law. Their dance takes a complicated turn when Kitty Lovelace — well-known to be Jimmy’s main girl  — walks out on Wonder and into Vincent’s life.

Little Foolery presents a Kickstarter for their next book, Small Town Witch! Written by Muun, drawn by me, Jen Doyle helping with colors and Airy for arrangement.

It’s been two years since STW was concepted and it’s so exciting to both Muun and I to be in the final stretch of it. This has been a particularly ambitious project for us, so please check it out and support us!

Special thanks to resident tumblr voice actor prozdvoices and amazing friend Olivia Brown for bringing our characters to life.

The Kickstarter is going on until March 25! Please check it out and support if you like!

AND THEN I COME HOME TO DISCOVER WE JUST MET OUR 25K STRETCH GOAL. That is AMAZING. Thank you all so much for supporting Small Town Witch!

That means we’ll now be releasing a developer’s artbook!. It will be printed alongside STW’s first book. This will be a Kickstarter bonus exclusive — for all you lovely people who have gotten us this far! It’ll contain development art, character notes, and prequel stories. There’s more, but go check out the full update here.

In addition, we’ve announced our final stretch goal! In the event that we should break 50K, we will produce a Small Town Witch radio drama in the style of our original promo video. This wouldn’t just be a rehash of the pilot story. This would be an original noir adventure featuring the same cast! So if detective podcasts are up your (dark and foreboding) alley please help us go that last distance!

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One page of this graphic novel project i’m working on at the moment!


One page of this graphic novel project i’m working on at the moment!